Uniting Communities to Strengthen 
Awareness Advocacy & Empowerment

Junior League Board


Co-President - Morgan Pitek & Timothy Roy

Co-Vice President - Nicole McGuire & Heather Pitek

CoTreasurer -Andrew Blitz & Erica Fulop

Secretary -Tori Peters

Social Media - Brian Smith

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Ages of Members:  12yrs+ (6th -12th grade)


Ages for Officers (9-12 grade)


Responsibilities of Group


·        To set up projects for community service for the members and the community.

·        To help Drug Free Long Island run events in the community to build awareness and educate children and their parents to help reduce the drug epidemic in Long Island.

·        To help design, develop and build full service community centers in communities throughout Long Island.

·        Hold a meeting once a month to educate the members.

·        Reach out to students of all communities to build the league throughout Long Island

·        Hand out flyers

·        Give scholarship of $500 to a senior each year*



*Senior must have participated for 2 years and be an active member their senior year to be eligible to enter scholarship contest


Advantages of

Being A

Junior League Member


1.       Training for leadership


2.       Skill building

a.       Learn to advocate for yourself and others.

b.       Learn to run events and fundraisers.

c.        Create and support community service projects


3.       A sense of belonging

a.       Peer to peer support

b.       Friendships

c.        Self esteem


4.       Opportunity to flourish in a positive safe and secure environment


5.       Opportunities to support your school and community by running events to build awareness and educate kids and their families on how to help combat the drug epidemic on Long Island.